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Who Won the Fight! : DEJI VS JAKE PAUL FUED

How Far is KSI VS Jake Paul Going?

Who won KSI vs Logan Paul fight?

Logan Paul started the aggressor but KSI soon came into it.

The fight ended a majority draw after six, three minute rounds.

The pair then spoke afterwards about a rematch next year in February in the US.

Paul said: “I feel like I won the fight, but this rematch is going to be crazy!”

More than 15,000 watched it inside the Manchester Arena, and a massive 784,000 bought it on YouTube pay-per-view.

Who won Deji vs Jake Paul fight?

Jake Paul sealed the win after five rounds.

Despite a gallant effort from Deji, Paul began to dominate and Deji’s corner threw in the towel after a flurry of shots.

Paul said: “I feel amazing, I have worked so hard for this.

“Deji fought an amazing fight, I hope he learnt a lesson about what he said about my family.

“No hard feelings but I feel amazing. It has been a tough year for me, and this fight was fighting against all of those things, it was putting my heart on the line and overcome these things.”