Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs

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Let’s face it: Those days are gone when we have to sit in front of the TV and watch the News at 9:00 pm and catch up on all the headlines. Now, we want everything on demand and all thanks to the “Youtube” because you can watch the News anytime on Youtube.

After analyzing the demand of the people, “News Channels and Anchors” have decided to launch their Youtube channel to enlighten us about the “Latest News, Updates and Talk Shows.”

But, which Youtube channel to follow if you’re willing to see “Current Affairs” is what you might be wondering about right now. Stop wondering because we have completed our research work for you and listed down everything below. Scroll down to check!

Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs
Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs

Associated Press

One of the world’s biggest sources of providing the audience with “Current Affairs and News” was founded in 1846, has got the eye of “Current Affairs Enthusiasts.”

The Associated Press uploads around ten videos a day and goes live as well to keep the subscriber’s update with whatever is going around.

So, become their subscriber and turn the “Bell” icon on to enjoy the latest news, current affairs and talk shows related to your interest.

They have a huge number of subscribers on Youtube as well as other social media accounts. You can follow them, “Where ever you feel the most comfort.”

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New York Times

The New York Times Youtube channel is one of the biggest “Current Affairs” Youtube channels. They upload breaking News and feed their subscribers with other topics such as “Travel and Fashion.”

You can head towards their Youtube channel and then go to the archive section to enjoy the “Film section.” Additionally, they have introduced the “Retro Report Playlist,” which allows you to look back at some of the “Biggest Stories” that happened in the past.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to their channel right now and enjoy your spare time, “Feeding up your brain with information.”

Let’s talk about more “Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs.”

The Young Turks

Talking about the popularity of this Youtube channel then, they are 355th most popular Youtube channel because they are “consistent, authentic, and loving uploading stuff that their subscribers want them to.”

 They also have the award of first Youtube news channel video to hit “One Billion” views. The Young Turks upload around 10-15 videos per day with “Live Sessions” as well.

If you want to keep yourself updated with “What’s going around the globe” or what the world is up to, then “The Young Turks” channel is your way to go.

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Best Youtube channels for current affairs
Best Youtube channels for current affairs

This Youtube channel was created by “Philip DeFranco” and the 378th most popular channel on Youtube. SourceFed is a daily news show that focuses on the “Hottest, biggest, or famous stories of the day.”

 They love to talk about “Every Country,” and that’s why they are famous “World Wide.” With more than 1 million subscribers, they upload more than 15 videos daily and enlighten their audience with “Daily Updates” about current affairs.

So, following this Youtube channel will help you gain more knowledge. That’s all from the topic “Best Youtube Channels for Current Affairs,” and if you’ve any questions hitting your mind, then feel free to ask us. We are live, 24/7!