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With so many camera bags out there, you might get confused. But if you are looking for a bag with a slim build that is completely waterproof. Then Billingham Hadley Pro is one of the best bags you can buy. The Hadley Range is a series of most popular bags produced by Billingham.

Hadley Pro is no exception. This bag is built to last for years. For $250 it is absolutely worth it. You can squeeze in a 13” laptop, a full-frame DSLR and its accessories and cables as well. With its classic design, Billingham Hadley Pro is surely one of the best camera bags out there.



  • Type: Shoulder bag
  • Pockets: 3
  • Capacity: 6.00 litres (0.21 ft³)
  • Weight: 1.01-kilo grams (2.23 lbs)
  • External dimensions (excluding handle):W390mm (15.”) x D120mm (4¾”) x H260mm (10¼”)
  • Internal dimensions:W340mm (13.”) x D80mm (3.”) x H230mm (9″)
  • Front ‘dump’ pocket: W130 to 170mm (5.” to 6¾”) x D40 to 60mm (1½” to 2.”) x H200mm (7.”)
  • Rear zippered pocket: W320mm (12.”) x D Nominal x H220mm (8.”)


Billingham Hadley Pro has a classic design and looks pretty slim. Although it’s not that big, it can carry a lot of things. Due to its beautiful design, it’s not only used as a camera bag but also as a messenger bag. The leather straps at the front are used to open the bag. Due to that, you can’t have quick access to this bag.

But there is another option. The metal knob at the top can also be used for access to the interior of the bag. You can adjust the buckle to fit in more stuff. There are two front pockets that are expandable.  Inside the bag, there are removable dividers.

Billingham Hadley Pro also has a back pocket. You can put smaller things like cables here. It also has a separate compartment for 13” laptop or tablet. Plus! Billingham Hadley Pro also has a top handle.

Fiberglass stiffener attaches the top handle on the top flap. The fiberglass stiffener supports and keeps the canvas from being ripped due to the weight of the gear.


It won’t be wrong if I say that Billingham Hadley Pro is indestructible. This bag can survive anything. The bags of the Hadley Range last longer than other bags. They also provide the best protection for your gear. You don’t have to worry about your laptop and camera.

It will keep them safe and secure. It is perfect for medium-sized cameras. However, if you put a bigger camera like Panasonic S1R. It might take up the whole space. Billingham Hadley Pro is completely waterproof. Even if you forget your bag out in the downpour, water will not seep into it. The canvas has amazing quality and the solid brass fittings are meant to last for years.


Billingham Hadley Pro is easy to carry. Its slim design allows you to pass through crowds without any hassle. This bag is great for everyday use. Photographers, journalists, and content creators, everyone can use this bag.

You can perfectly organize all your belongings and camera accessories with extra dividers. However, you can’t carry a lot of stuff in it. Also, the shoulder strap is not that comfortable. You’ll need to buy a separate shoulder pad to make it more comfortable.


  • It is weather sealed.
  • It has a beautiful, classic, and slim design.
  • Leather and canvas have great quality.
  • It has expandable pockets.
  • It protects the gear.
  • It is very well built


  • The need to buy a shoulder pad.
  • Not for quick access.
  • It doesn’t fit very much stuff. Still, you can fit in a lot of stuff.