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Creator Rating: Josh Yeo -Make.Art.Now


Josh Yeo is a youtuber with 100,000 subscribers and 5 million views. He gives entertaining movie esque tutorials that are borderline eccentric. His unique color grading and presentation set him apart from most regular creators.  Josh doesn’t miss a detail and following his suggestions is a sure way to take your editing to the next level, all while being entertained.

I think every time you do something you have to attempt something new. I try to do that in every single video. If I don’t feel like I’m on the brink of failure every time, I’m doing something wrong. Actually I get bored if I do something repetitive so I try to find a new way to do it. I think that’s probably why it takes so long for me to get out videos because there’s not really a cookie cutter thing. For me it’s all about refining that art and pushing it even further.

Josh Yeo


We appreciate Josh, it’s not easy to call a YouTuber likable but Josh is different than most other creators. He comes from a professional background, is obviously mature and is on the platform to give quality. He’s a very likable guy and gives off a very cool vibe, in fact, in watching his videos, you almost feel like you know the guy. His content is very interactive and his methods are progressive. We enjoy his conductive atmosphere, which is a very great way to learn what he suggests. Five stars for Josh here, can’t get cooler than this.

Video Editing and Cinematography

Josh’s editing is second to none. He uses premiere pro and DaVinci(primarily) and other editing studios. He has a great understanding of color correction and using the epic luts and knows how to utilize lighting in his videos. It’s safe to say that Josh is indeed a professional cinematographer and it’s translated well into YouTube. He has interesting conceptual ideas to make his content stand out above other creators and his studio is pretty badass too. We especially liked his “Blade Runner” lut tutorial which is one of the coolest things you’ll ever see. He even uses some legit HUD interfaces. Josh gets 5 Stars here he is definitely the best of the best.

Josh Yeo’s Epic Blade Runner Color Grades


Overall we would say that Josh is very creative. He changes up his content style regularly and he provides great high quality entertainment. Every video he uploads offers new insight through creative filming and monologue. Every video is visually appealing with plenty of scenes, transitions and fluidity. We find that we are always wanting more, anticipating his next upload. We definitely put him up there as one of the most creative YouTubers on the platform. He certainly deserves a solid four stars

Content Quality

When putting everything together, Josh’s content quality is very exceptional, to say the least. His combination of well executed editing, cinematography, immersive story lines and sound advice for his audience is a winning formula for the creator. We give Josh a solid four stars in this department. We just wish you would upload more often.


Here is where Josh misses the mark and it’s probably not his fault. He has 100,000 subscribers (which is respectable) and a decent watch time but in the sense he fails to reach the masses. Sometimes, that is up to YouTube and recommending his content or maybe it’s because his niche is specific to a certain audience, but what we do know is whoever tunes definitely enjoys his content. We would just hope that Josh gets the recognition and  attention he deserves. Josh gets three stars in the popularity department.