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Creator Rating: Khaled Mazeedi -TEN XP


Khaled Mazeedi is a youtuber with 9 million subscribers and 2 billion views. His content is a hybrid between automotive, technology, motivation and entrepreneurship. Khaled started as a gaming and film channel before evolving his content. His editing is the best in the game and his videos offer interesting perspectives on various topics. Mazeedi doesn’t miss a detail and is a passionate creator. His brings a great dynamic to YouTube and is a big asset to the platform.  

“ÝouTube offers plenty of opportunity, but you do need to know what you’re doing, just like you need to when you are trying to find success in any other profession, you need to do your homework. Never approached YouTube in trying to be famous or successful. The best thing about YouTube is the reach and exposure get by sharing content you enjoy creating”

Khaled Mazeedi – Ten XP


We like that Khaled is articulate and well spoken. He is fashionable but down to earth, and is very friendly in his interactions with people in his videos. He comes from a technology background, so its great to see he has great cinematography skills as well. He edits all of his content which indicates he is passionate about creating. He holds himself well and the message behind his content is positive and inspirational. His content is very interactive and his methods are progressive which sets him apart from most youtubers. We enjoy his conductive atmosphere, which is a very great way to learn what he suggests. Five stars for Khaled, a standout personality.

Video Editing and Cinematography

Khaleds editing is unique in a sense he uses cool emojis and great music. He uses premiere pro and DaVinci(primarily) has a good visual eye for making everything flow. His transitions are smooth and well thought with properly applied color correction and awesome luts. He goes for a cinematic look and favors Sigma lenses. His footage is stable and its obvious he uses a gimbal. He has a good mix of using a camera man for lots of his shots. He can definitely give some pros a run for the money. A bit over the top for YouTube but some creators are after quality. He has interesting conceptual ideas to make his content stand out above other creators and his studio is pretty badass too. He even uses some legit HUD interfaces and custom graphics in addition to adding visuals. Khaled gets 5 Stars, he is definitely one of the better editors on the platform.

Khaled’s epic video editing


Overall we would say that Khaled is very creative. He changes up his content style regularly and he provides great high quality entertainment. Every video he uploads offers new insight through creative filming and monologue. Every video is visually appealing with plenty of scenes, transitions and fluidity. We find that we are always wanting more, anticipating his next upload. We definitely put him up there as one of the most creative YouTubers on the platform. He certainly deserves a solid four stars

Content Quality

When putting everything together, Khaled’s content quality is very exceptional, to say the least. His combination of well executed editing, cinematography, immersive story lines and sound advice for his audience is a winning formula for the creator. We just wish you would upload more often.

Khaled is bold and fearless. He thinks beyond the average sphere and delivers what can be considered creative genius. The overall quality of his content is top notch, His approach ticks all the boxes in what defines a great YouTube channel, having fantastic editing, great video concepts and a good personality. These attributes have resulted in a winning formula for the creator. We give Khaled another five stars again in the content quality department.


Khaled’s channel ranks 600 in the world. Top 100 in non music/kids channels. There is nothing more to say here. He is a leader on the platform. YouTube recommends his content or maybe and they rightfully should. Mazeedi gets five stars in the popularity department.