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Creator Rating: Mustafa Hussain

Mustafa Hussain – an exceptional Youtuber


Mustafa Hussain is a Youtuber with 90,000 subscribers and 9 million views. His content is centered around pranks and charitable social experiments. Hussain is an up and coming creator with lots of potential. At 22, he sets a great example to aspiring creators with fresh, positive and funny videos. Mustafa doesn’t miss a beat and his content is packed with high energy and great entertainment with a great message. He’s very relatable and his likable personality has created a movement among his audience, one them being debunking stereotypes related to Muslims.

I have a passion for spreading positivity and creating uplifting content. I’m a Pakistani-American Muslim and many of my videos are centered around challenging stereotypes regarding the Muslim community. I plan on using this platform to help as many people as I can.

Mustafa Hussain


Whats more to say, Mustafa is an awesome creator with great intentions. Most other Youtubers his age focus on doing whatever they can possibly do to get more views, but not Mustafa, he spreads a positive message through his content and in fact shows his viewers what Muslim people are really like. Its a sensitive topic but he stands for what he believes and that shows his strong character and good intention in educating viewers, in a hilarious and positive way! His content is very interactive and he is always smiling. He gets a full five stars on this one!

One of Mustafa’s Popular Videos

Video Editing and Cinematography

Mustafa’s editing is exceptional. He has good editing skills and his videos have good color grading and the scenes in his videos transition smoothly. This 22 year old creator is ahead of his time and his efforts are beginning to get noticed by many within the industry. He has interesting and fresh video ideas and he edits his ideas well by delivering amazing content. When watching Hussains videos we are very satisfied with his cinematography and we always find ourselves clicking on his other videos. His cool concept ideas in challenging stereotypes makes his content stand out from other creators and its one of the things we appreciate most about this creator. Our favorite video of his is “Making Strangers Smile ”. Mustafa gets 4 stars here


Overall, we would say that Mustafa is very creative. He covers interesting topics and he thinks of video ideas that are not typical to his age. He has evolved over the years and we really like how hes improved. Every video the creator uploads is a fresh title that covers a challenging topic. Hussain makes his videos very interactive and personal and we think this is a big reason to why his fans follow him, we find that we are always wanting more, anticipating his next upload. We definitely put him up there as an exceptional YouTuber offering disruptive video concepts. He deserves a solid four stars, nothing less.

Mustafa spreading a good message

Content Quality

Mustafa is bold and as a package his channel offers quality in a punch. The overall quality of his content is above average, and what can we say, the guy makes us laugh. His approach ticks all the boxes in what defines a great Youtube channel, having well timed editing, great video concepts and obviously great humor. These attributes have resulted in a winning formula for the creator. We give Mustafa another solid four stars in the content quality department. We would definitely like to see him upload more often.
Mustafa also has some hilarious Facebook posts


Mustafa somewhat lacks in this department, but this is mostly because he only has a few years of creating under his belt. He is an up and coming YouTuber and we expect him to eventually grow. He will be receiving his Silver Button Award soon enough and we expect him to hit the 1 million subscriber mark at some point in the future. His watch time is above average, 9 millions views with 90,000 subscribers, thats quite an accomplishment. We only wonder why YouTube doesn’t recommend his channel more than it actually does? We can assume, however, that eventually Mustafa will get the recognition he deserves. Three stars for Mustafa in the popularity department.