DJI Osmo Pocket review: Finally, A Portable Camera Good Enough for Youtube

Is the Osmo Porcket too good to be True?

Gone are the days when you need to setup your full frame camera on a gimbal to get stabilized footage in 4k quality. Imagine you’re in a must catch footage scenario and you’ve either left you’re full frame camera at home, or its somewhere in your backpack with tons of other equipment. The result? You pick up your camera phone and take sloppy footage of the event or even worse, you let the moment slide by and never catch it

Those days are over, DJI, the powerhouse drone manufacturer has dipped their hands in the handheld camera market and have graced us with their revolutionary camera, the DJI Osmo Pocket.

The Osmo pocket is in a league of its own. It has a built in tri-axis gimbal, which has stabilized footage so its doesn’t look shaky, a camera with 4k capabilities, built in microphone, amazing battery life, all in an almost miniature package. Its so easily grip-able and has so many perks, we may just have trouble listing them all.

The DJI Osmo Pocket is so small that it really does fit in your pocket.

Priced at $349, this thing is a steal, but you’ll definitely need to buy some accessories to get the most out of the pocket. Its about 4.8 inches tall and weighs almost nothing. The camera boasts a 1 and 2/3 inch sensor, not something that can compared to a full sized camera, but for the size of the device, we aren’t complaining. The video quality is capable of taking 4k at 60 frames per second, with the regular modes most gimbals have ( Follow mode, Tilt Lock and FPV). Oh, its also takes stills off-course, capable of captures 12-megapixel images

Whats even cooler is the Osmo pocket has its own native app, DJI Mimo, where you can update the device and also utilize other feature. But other than updates we don’t feel much need for it.

Osmo Pocket Standing at 4.8″ tall

The Pocket’s interface is straight to the point. There are 2 buttons below the LCD screen, one for recording and the other to power on. Below the LCD screen, there are two buttons, one for powering on the device and selfie mode (three presses on the plain button gets the camera to go in selfie mode) and one for recording or taking an image. The port at the bottom of the osmo pocket is a USB-C charging port and there is also a slot for a microSD card on the side. The Osmo Pocket battery lasts for a couple of hours, whats even more impressive is it charges very fast, so there really is no issue with the battery. In fact, we really like and appreciate how long it lasts.

The pocket is fairly easy to use, swiping down on the LCD touchscreen gets you to the Settings menu, which is where you’ll enable things like ‘Superfine’ video mode and ‘Glamour’ still photo mode. You can also access the gimbal’s settings—and you can set which mode you want the gimbal to have. Swipe to the side to switch from Photo to Video capture, and vise versa, or to set up a time-lapse or switch things into slow motion.

More on the DJI Osmo Pocket

The Pocket’s also has a really cool feature called “Active Track,” which locks on a subject in the frame and will follow them around. It also has face tracking in selfie mode, where the camera is always locking in on your face, no matter where you move the camera. This camera is a dream device for content creators, it fits in tiny spaces so you can get very unique shots especially if you know how to combine and use the gimbal modes.

Its very possible to get good cinematic footage with 4K, 60 fps video. Whats even cooler is there are ND filters that you can buy to further enhance the quality of the footage. In fact, we consider the Osmo pocket incomplete without the addition of three aftermarket accessories. We recommend the polar pro cover that has a 1/4 inch thread to mount to a tripod or any kind of mount, Polar Pro ND filters ( make sure you get the VIVID series) and a super versatile Joby Micro magnetic tripod.

Osmo Pocket with PolarPro Vivid Series ND filter and Cage

One of the draw backs is the built-in mic on the Pocket, its picks up on all kinds of wind and noises. The recording volume is lower than you would want as well. But there is a solution, you can pick up an USB-C external mic adapter from DJI, which costs $59. For the external mic, we recommend the Rode Video Micro.

The Osmo Pocket is a very unique device that can give close to professional quality footage with the right accessories in a portable package. Its a no brainer to us, its a must have. Coupled with good software, image stabilization, portability, 4k, and a ton of accessories to utilize the device, we recommend every video creator to have one of these. Talk about an overload of accessories! Just be sure to get the Polar Pro ND filters, the Polar polar case, The Joby micro magnetic tripod, the DJI external mic adapter and a Rode Video Micro microphone, and you should be good to go.