Famous Youtuber’s Lamborghini Spotted At EuroLux Motors

Supercar Spotted at Premier Canadian Garage

Youtuber “Mazi X” Lamborghini has been spotted at a garage in Vancouver, Canada. The car has been used in performing insane stunts across the world. A now deleted video shows the youtuber receiving a hefty fine for driving in excess of 180mph on the German autobahn (a highway without a speed limit). As seen on Mazi X’s instagram, the car has now shown a re-emergence and is currently at a luxury car workshop in Vancouver, Eurolux Motors. 

Eurolux Motors Workshop In Vancouver, Canada

The business is a well known prestige car shop and has a long standing reputation of specializing in high value exotic cars. Eurolux Motors has always specialized in Lamborghini’s and other premium motoring brands. The owner referred to as “Hooman” clearly has expert knowledge in repairing exotic cars. Although small, the workshop looks very well maintained and in pristine shape. It seems Eurolux Motors is very personal with its clients as well, Mazi can be seen in the workshop taking numerous photos of his Lamborghini. 

Technicians Working on the Youtubers Lamborghini

Lets see if the Youtuber decides to make a comeback to Youtube again, who knows. You can follow Eurolux Motors on Instagram here: