How Youtube Show “Cooking with Dog” Began

“Cooking with dog” is a YouTube show featuring a Japanese homemaker, known only as “Chef,” as well as a plaything poodle called “Francis,” that sits down next to Chef and also narrates her recipes in English.

The shows’s title has caused confusion along with complaints– but this channel is a substantial big hit on YouTube. The channel has virtually 1 million subscribers and more as well, each video clip routinely clocks up hundreds of thousands of views.

To be clear though, no pet is harmed during filming or cooking, yikes!,to be clear this means no dogs have been cooked or consumed in making of “Cooking with Dog,”

We spoke with the producer of the program just recently as well, he was forthcoming in asking me not to divulge his identity because he values his privacy. I can disclose that dog “Francis” was born on Feb. 6 but the year of his birth is apparently a secret.

” Cooking with dog” started in 2007 after the producer returned from Los Angeles where he worked in film as well as tv. Back in Tokyo they wanted to maintain working in the film field and decided to start “Cooking with Dog”. This is how is all started.