Is It Good Being A Youtuber
Is It Good Being A Youtuber

Is It Good Being A Youtuber

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Do you want to hear the good or the bad news first? Well, the bad news is that people think that youtube has already produced millionaires, so there is a slim chance of becoming a youtube sensation overnight.

But do you know that internet users are increasing at a rate of more than 11 new users per second? That is good news for you. You still have higher chances of becoming a successful YouTuber. Being a YouTuber has both positive and negative aspects.

Is it your dream to become a YouTuber? Is your favorite YouTuber inspiring you to become one? Or are there some other reasons? Anyways, you will be wondering if being a YouTuber a good idea? You must be weighing up the pros and cons of becoming a YouTuber right now. We are here to help you in making your decision.

Before jumping to the pros and cons, here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself.

Is It Good Being A Youtuber
Is It Good Being A Youtuber


  • What is my objective?

It could be anything from educating people, sharing your talents, showcasing your brand to making money. But the first thing you need to have is a clear objective.


  • What are my passion and expertise?

It will help you in finding a niche for your youtube channel.

  • Can I educate, inspire or entertain my audience?

The videos you will make should be useful and interesting for your audience.

Now let’s have a look at the pros and cons of becoming a YouTuber.


The good thing about becoming a YouTuber is that it has no specific eligibility criteria. Anyone can become a YouTuber. Of course, creativity is important. Here are some pros:

  1. You don’t need any degree:

You will be glad to know that you do not need any specific degree to become a YouTuber, unlike other jobs. Youtube doesn’t even require any specific training.

  • You can be the boss:

Yes, you will be your own boss. Nobody will tell you what to do and what to not. You can make as many videos as you like and work on your own time.

  • You can express yourself:

The most important thing about being a YouTuber is that you can express yourself. You will have a platform where you can be your true self. It will also help you to become confident and overcome your public speaking fears.

  • You can follow your passion:

Being a YouTuber, you can unleash your creativity, follow your passion and have fun. You will enjoy what you do.


  • You can make money:

Once your channel grows, you will start earning money. It all depends on the quality of content, numbers of subscribers and consistency.


Youtube is not a stable career. So, hold your horses. Don’t give up your education or career in hopes of becoming famous and successful on youtube. Here are some cons:

  1. Making videos is not easy:

A YouTuber’s life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Your favorite YouTubers spend hours planning and editing their videos. So, keep in mind it won’t be easy.

  • It can affect your education or work:

Being a YouTuber can negatively affect your studies or your job. Time management will be crucial. Make sure you will have time for making videos without disturbing your studies or your job.

  • Nothing happens overnight:

It takes months or even years to get subscribers in thousands or in millions. So, don’t give up within a few months. Patience is the key. Keep believing in yourself, you will eventually get fruitful results.

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  • Criticism will always be there:

You should have the ability to withstand criticism. Harsh words and comments of people can hurt you. But criticism can also prove helpful for you. Do not ignore the criticism rather accept constructive criticism and improve.

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