Supercar Owners Choose Youtube to Share their Passion

Youtube is now the favored platfrom for supercar film creators

You’ve heard this when you were a kid. “Work hard and you can achieve anything you want.” Well, that’s exactly what these supercar owners did. Lavish mansions, exotic cars and expensive watches, these opportunists look like they have it all. But do they?

Supercar owners are now taking to youtube, Lambrosteve, an up and coming youtuber who started his channel in 2018 is one those creators. Steve Currington known as “Lambrosteve” on social media has gained over 30,000 subscribers and 50,000 instagram followers in the past 3 months due to his entertaining and controversial videos that show the real side of supercar ownership. Frequent confrontations with police and bystanders almost make it seem that owning a supercar is not worth the trouble. But Currington takes the whole thing in good humor and manages to still enjoy and share his exotic car experience with his fans.

Raw and unfiltered one can only assume Lambosteve is cocky with attitude but he seems to keep himself composed in light of being put in uncomfortable situations.

An intense stand off with a pedestrian

In one video an Army Veteran belligerently approaches him and verbally threatens him. Holding the camera and calmly filming the whole interaction, one can only commend him for keeping his composure throughout the whole ordeal.
Many of his subscribers refer to him as the raw version of Dailydrivenexotics, another popular automotive channel. We caught up with Currington and asked him, what made you want to start a youtube channel? He looked up with a sly smile and replied

“I love challenges and always had an interest in filming. I love driving fast cars and thought let’s put the 2 together. I’ve seen a lot of other channels on youtube and didn’t like the unnatural relationship they had with their followers. I decided I want to keep it as real and authentic as possible to my audience

Steve Currington

Other Supercar owners are starting to take to youtube too. Mattattack who’s real name is Matt Kim is a Lamborghini Huracan owner more focused on documenting events he and his friends attend throughout America. Although his content style is different than Lambosteve, Kim has recently hit 10,000 subscribers. We catch up with Mattattack and ask how he feels about it.

“I feel that youtube is a good place to share, inspire and motivate. I create content because I enjoy it and have a passion for supercars, it has nothing to do with how many subscribers I have or how famous I am, I just enjoy it”

Matt Kim

When then see him get into his Lamborghini with custom gold wheels, carbon body kit and an aftermarket exhaust. He nonchalantly pulls out his camera to then quickly drive away for a supercar rally in miami.

Mattattack009 gets a new wrap on his Lamborghini

Its seems like the automotive niche is growing on youtube. Big channels like Vehicle Virgins, Shmee150, Stradman and Dailydrivenexotics dominate the sphere. But what will happen to the up and coming channels like Lambrosteve and Mattattack? Will they be able to compete in the future? Only time will tell…