tenba shootout 32l
tenba shootout 32l
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You go on hikes, through rain and snow to get the perfect shots.  As a photographer, you need a backpack that could fit all of your gear. But at the same time, it should be comfortable to carry.

If you’re looking for that kind of backpack, Tenba Shootout 32L is one of the best options. The Shootout backpacks offered by Tenbacome in three different sizes. They offer 18, 24, and 32-liter capacities.

The TenbaShootout 32L is the largest backpack. It can fit two DSLRs, eight additional lenses or other accessories, and a 17-inch laptop. The extra pockets and compartments allow you to store even more gear. The best thing about this backpack is that it can fit a drone too.

Tenba Shootout 32L has a clever design, full of quite thoughtful touches. It has an aluminum frame as well as ‘pivot fit’ straps. This backpack is very comfortable to carry because the weight is evenly distributed. However, this backpack is a bit heavy even when it’s empty.

tenba shootout 32l
tenba shootout 32l


  • Type: Backpack
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 2,722g
  • Camera: 2x DSLR/CSC
  • Additional lenses/accessories: 8
  • Laptop/tablet compartment: 17-inch
  • Tripod attachment: Yes
  • Drone storage: Yes
  • Rain cover: Yes
  • Additional compartments: 5
  • External dimensions: 380x480x230mm

Tenba Shootout 32L allows you to carry a large professional camera system. In addition to that, you can carry it on airlines as well. It will ensure the security of your gear. With this backpack, you can carry a lot of stuff but it will still feel comfortable to carry.

Shootout 32L is the perfect pick for photoshoots where several camera lenses, bodies, flashes, or other accessories are required. Along with shoulder and waist straps, there’s a sternum strap. It adds to the comfort provided by this backpack while carrying it.


The Tenba Shootout 32L is not only beautiful but it has a lot of clever touches. You can really fit a lot of gear in this backpack. The material of the backpack is shiny nylon which is quite different from the canvas. It is completely waterproof and makes sure that your gear is safe.

The base of Shootout 23L is made of waterproof material and it is mud proof as well. So you can clean it easily. This is one of the things I like about this backpack. I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty. Unlike other backpacks, the handle is not attached to the top in this backpack. It is attached to the body side of the backpack.


The dividers in the main compartment of the backpack allow you to perfectly organize your gear. You can keep your smartphone in the side pockets. Along with the front access, there is a side pocket through which you can easily take out your camera.

However, this side access is limited to one side only. The door of this side pocket has a tiny zippered enclosure containing a lens cloth. I find this very thoughtful. There are two zippers on the base of this backpack. The one on the top is used to hold a carry foot for a tripod. While the bottom one is used to hold the rain cover.

The laptop compartment can fit a 17-inch laptop. The other smaller compartments are used to carry cables, business cards, SD cards, and small cords. This backpack allows you to carry a tripod as well. You can also fit a drone in it if you have one.


The thick shoulder straps and the waist straps distribute the weight of the gear evenly. This allows you to carry the backpack with ease. There is an additional sternum strap that can be adjusted to fit perfectly. It adds to the comfort while carrying the backpack on hikes. It keeps the backpack close to your body.


  • It offers front and side access
  • It is comfortable even with lots of gear
  • The mud proof base can be cleaned easily
  • There is sufficient space for large camera kits


  • It is heavy even when empty 
  • The side access limited to one side only