YouTube as a career
YouTube as a career
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YouTube as a career: Pros and Cons

Welcome to the topic, ‘YouTube as a Career: Pros and Cons.’

 Are you too inspired by the hundreds of success stories that a single website has given rise to? Undoubtedly, YouTube has served as a gateway to several stars to acquire the center positions in their careers.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It contains the traffic of almost one billion users in a single day. With such enormity, it provides the users golden opportunity to reach out to the masses.

What niche is welcomed on YouTube? YouTube is the third most visited website worldwide. YouTube recognizes and gives space to every variety of talent. What you are capable of is sufficient to pay you favorably through this site.

You can be a scholar, teacher, photographer, singer, entertainer, vlogger, makeup artist anything on YouTube with the help of targeted demographics. YouTube can serve as a tool to channelize and monetize your talent in the best possible manner.

Is it a piece of cake for everyone to be among those success stories that have made their dreams come true and are now millionaires?

Probably not!

If, on the one hand, there are video uploads on YouTube that got 600 million views, then there also exist those videos that have 50 views. So YouTube is a coin with both sides.

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While opting for YouTube as a career, don’t forget the pros and cons of making a decision and choose best for yourself.

Ahead, Find out all the positives and negatives of YouTube career in the following passages:

YouTube as a Career: Pros and Cons
YouTube as a Career: Pros and Cons


Demands only Your Passion
YouTube does not demand anything but focuses on your passion and passion alone. It does not ask you for a particular field but allows you to expand and cultivate your interest the way you crave it.
 Thus, it lets you practice the things according to your taste. It provides an excellent opportunity to channelize your talent.

Doesn’t require Capital

 It does not cost you any handsome capital. You should have a good camera to shoot out your videos.

No Office No Staff

You can shoot your videos anywhere in your house or outdoors. You can even capture your talent in a kitchen or a bedroom. It does not require fancy offices or a long list of the crew to help you in uploading the videos.

Boost your Site’s Traffic

With the help of uploads on YouTube, you have the option to embed your videos on your site as well. You even provide the link of your website on your YouTube channel to direct the masses towards your site.

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You are Your only Boss
There is no headship upon you. No arguments, no cold wars as usually happen in other jobs. You are your boss. You can choose anything for yourself from content to timing, from rest to work.


High Competition

Do you have a wild guess that how many videos are being uploaded on YouTube daily? There exist three hundred hours of videos being uploaded every single minute on YouTube.

You have to make space and catch your audience among the 5 billion stuff daily on YouTube. That means the competition is fierce, and you need to struggle hard for that.

It Takes Time
While opting for YouTube as a career, one thing you must possess is endurance. Being patient is the key to success here. It takes a good time to grab the attention of your viewers and resonate with them in the future.

Maintaining Quality along with Quantity

Another thing to deal with is the hard race while using YouTube for money purposes. It entails the continuous endeavor to making and uploading content one after another.

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Therefore, you have to make sure that upcoming content should be as striking as the prequel. The circle sometimes turns into an ordeal to maintain quality along with the quantity.

Easy Access to Competitors
Last but not least, the single-click to your videos can give exposure to the rival content. YouTube serves several options for the viewers that provide easy access to someone else’s identical channel and generate their viewership.

To pen off, we can conclude that if you are confident about your talent and have a firm conviction, steadfast, and capable of engaging masses with your passion, you are indeed a YouTube material. No cons can hinder you from making your way through YouTube. Cheers!

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