Youtuber Awards Has Officially Launched

2020 Youtuber Awards

The 1st Annual Youtuber Awards 

The Youtuber Awards is official. Referred to as the Tubies , the ceremony is presented annually by Youtuber Magazine to recognize and honor excellence in online video, including directing, acting, producing, and writing. The formal ceremony at which the awards are presented takes place in Los Angeles, California. The 2020 venue is still to be announced.

Award Categories

The Tubies has presents awards in over 20 categories

  • Best Automotive Channel
  • Best Comedy Channel
  • Best DIY Channel
  • Best Gaming Channel
  • Best Beauty Chanel
  • Best Foodie Channel
  • Best Sports Channel
  • Best Animated Channel
  • Best Foreign Channel
  • Best Travel Series
  • Best UK Series
  • Best European Series
  • Most Influential Creator
  • Vlogger of the Year
  • Best Editor of the Year
  • Subscribers Choice (Entertainer of the Year, Show of the Year)
  • Subscribers Choice (Newcomer of the Year)

The Youtuber Awards comprises 20 awards honoring excellence in a variety of content verticals and areas of expertise. The Annual Awards is broken up into two separate sections — the Youtuber Awards, the Tubies Choice Awards.