Youtuber Magazine Launches Tubecon

This year Youtuber Magazine is launching TubeCon, TubeCon is a place for creators and fans to finally connect in person. Launched as a community gathering nearly for major industry players to meet with their viewers, share trade strategies, and get face-time with other big names.


Aimed to be a staple in online video conference’s, TubeCon aims is to become a large player in the video industry conference genre, fans can meet their idols up close at meet-and-greets. The event cater to social

The event cater to social media, with exponential growth in the industry , its clear how social media has changed the way young people consume video content, and the rise of internet stars who rival traditional celebrities in terms of popularity.

YouTube stars dominate the conference, other companies that profit off user-generated posts have a presence as well, including Facebook (FB), Instagram and Snapchat (SNAP) and Short-form video app TikTok . Even companies such as Pinterest (PINS) and LinkedIn are expected to show up to pitch themselves as a place where video creators can thrive.