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YouTube’s Silver and Gold play Button Awards Get Redesigned

New Awards Roll out on March 29

Youtubers pour hours of effort into the content they upload into Platform. Their efforts are rewarded when they reach milestones in subscribers. 100,000 subscribers get you the silver button, 1 million subscribers gets you the gold. The highly sought after rewards are finally get a total refresh.

The original design was a glass enclosure with a wooden frame. The actual buttons were hoisted inside. Released in 2012 at vidcon, the creator awards had a 6 year run.

The updated awards are much more modern and catchy. The material is brushed and very appealing to the eye. the new awards are also larger in dimension and size, built with better materials and are said to be more durable than the previous buttons.. YouTube announced the update by featuring highlights of various creators on a video receiving the new awards.

The Diamond button in the award for reaching 10 million subscribers , it was released at VidCon in 2015. it didn’t get a makeover and stays the same to its original design.

Many creators have already received the news awards, and most of them are enthralled with the new redesign.

The new awards will be sent out to channels that reach their milestones after On March 29, the new awards will begin shipping out, Channels that hit these milestone and received the old version will not be able to exchange nor request the new creator button awards